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The girl said she was coerced by Yong to work for him and seek out the girls.

Posing as a teenage girl, he would ask unsuspecting children to meet them at a designated place where he would send his female aide to lure them.

Meanwhile one in eight male students had also been subjected to groping or unwanted advances.

One per cent of students of either gender said they had been raped at university.

A confused and scared H asked for help from her best friend on Wechat (Chinese version of Whatsapp with some Facebook features, one of the largest standalone messaging apps in the world by monthly active users), and her friend suggested that she call the police and film this on her phone as evidence.

Overall 34 per cent indicated they had experienced some form of assault or abuse.

He was convicted of serially raping the girls 22 times by using force, threats and violence; 8 of the girls were under the age of 14.

The 40-year-old Wang Yong was arrested in 2012 and charged with raping the girls aged between 12 and 16 years, whom he had befriended on social media sites such as QQ and We Chat, posing as a teenage girl.

Before she could react, she was forced into bed by Cheng who stated that he would pay her afterwards.

Amongst all the disasters, he ejaculated in her vagina.

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But, significantly, almost half (43 per cent) of the women who had experienced sexual assault or abuse at university, did not report their ordeal, even to friends or family.

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