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Live house wifes sex web cams

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She was going to delay his next climax as long as she could and in the meantime enjoy a few of her own along the way. Releasing her grip on his erection she moved well back on the bed lying with one leg flat and the other bent, legs spread. He stared at her inviting position for a moment, and then crawled onto the bed on his hands and knees positioning his mouth within reach of her fur patch. Working her clit with his tongue, alternating gentle teasing little licks with sucks on it, he could soon feel her pulsing and her spasms beginning. She had wanted this to take a long time, but she just couldn't hold off. Spreading her legs he looked down at her and could see her total helplessness. His own excitement now heightened, grasping his erect shaft, he guided his engorged head to her wet opening.

She knew exactly what she was doing to this younger man. Use that talented tongue of yours, and use it nice and slow," she said. Looking upon her swollen womanhood he could see her slippery pinkness in contrast to the wet matted hair that had previously hidden this most precious portion of her body.

So now we have good lifetime memories of each other. You know the more we meet the more the danger that one of us, or both, is going to get found out! He couldn't speak for her, as they had never talked about it, but these meetings were giving him much more, sexually, than he could get at home.

" She had made the decision on her way to that meeting that this time would be their last time. It was after both had climaxed several times at that meeting that he had agreed. It was a wilder, more lustful kind of sex, and they could do things and have fun that for some unexplainable reason he had never done, nor felt, with his wife. A good wife, good mother, earned a wonderful income, but in the fucking department, she was just very conservative. So being naughty and illicit with this woman made it delicious! Now he moved her legs up over his shoulders giving him complete control.

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