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Lauren webcam

Journalists who have relied on the handy and easy Flip cam for their multimedia reporting needs may find themselves out of luck this week.

Cisco, the technology company that bought Flip two years ago, announced they will be shutting down Flip as part of a new restructuring of its consumer business.

And so I’ve decided to put my cumulative knowledge together in one place and save everyone a bunch of time and money…

In the video below, I put a webcam head-to-head against a DSLR-camera to prove to you without a shadow of doubt that a seventy dollar Logitech webcam is the “cell phone” of video production.[/b][/url] not yet [url= sunglasses[/b][/url] become [url= outlet[/b][/url] part [url= face outlet[/b][/url] of [url= outlet[/b][/url] our family, please do.

If [url= vault[/b][/url] there's a [url= sunglasses[/b][/url] brand you [url= Factory Outlet[/b][/url] should [url= be paying close attention to right now, it's Gucci.

Think of your project video as the elevator pitch of your campaign.To address this problem, the Bloggie cameras come equipped with Steady Shot image stabilization, which uses motion sensors to make adjustments to keep the video as motionless as possible.Like the Flip, the Bloggie has a kick-out USB adapter for quick connection to your computer for downloading your content.Do a little research online and you’ll be quickly convinced that you need a DSLR-camera to create professional videos.But trust me when I tell you, buying and trying to use a DSLR-camera is like opening Pandora’s Box.

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B) You’ll notice that the framing of the webcam and DSLR-camera footage is slightly different.

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