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For someone like me who is certainly almost incapable of giving her attention or affection to more than one man at a time, this concept of keeping options open has been a huge challenge. But, last week, I was interviewing a friend, ‘Sade’, for an article, we started on the topic of multi-dating and she said to me: “ shallowness.It ensured you never do anything with any of the men wholeheartedly, and you get yourself trapped in the circle of indefinitely postponing a decision until you’re certain it’s a perfect choice – a conviction that is never achieved. Bode was like a breath of fresh air after a series of failed relationships.

When I tell dudes that, they tend to believe that I’m telling them to stick to the PLAYER lifestyle and try to run through as much random nani as possible.

In her mind, he was already her prince in shining armour and somehow, they had already moved from courting stage to official dating. Upon his withdrawal, the butterflies in her stomach were replaced by a gut-wrenching tension and she just couldn’t fathom where she went wrong.

One of days, however, she ran into Bode at the movies with another girl.

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