Is sadie from duck dynasty still dating beau

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Is sadie from duck dynasty still dating beau

“I’ve poured so much of my heart into this new record, and I really feel this video, for the single titled ‘Past The Past,’ brings so much life to the song! “I hope it’ll be something that all the amazing people who’ve supported my journey in music enjoy! She was perfect for the role, and incredible to work with.” “Lawson is a one of a kind guy! “Such a gentleman despite what his part in the video makes him out to be!” He adds about calling Sadie up for the part of his love interest, “I knew getting Sadie involved would make it even better. Madison Academy has multiple players who will go on to play football in the Southeastern Conference, notably Auburn commit Kerryon Johnson.But when the Mustangs play on the road, it is Coward who gets most of the attention.'So I ended up telling him and we just kind of connected through that.Very much friends at first and then it just kind of, that happened,' she said, as she turned toward a picture of the two behind her.She then asked Trevor if he would like to join her.She admitted that she didn't contact him for a month'For any guy out there, I'll give you this advice.

As soon as we started dating it just kind of hit me." Wherever Coward goes, Duck Dynasty fans follow.

Thanks to a few of Robertson's cousins who attend Madison Academy, she met Coward at a softball game close to a year ago.

Not long after, Coward asked her out on a date, and they've been together ever since.

Sadie has talked quite a bit in the past about how she made her relationship with Blake work, even though they were often many hours apart.

Coward attends school in Alabama, while Robertson lives in Louisiana and is often in California or touring around the country working on her various projects.

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Sadie Robertson and Lawson Bates snap a super cute pic together after filming bits of his brand new music video.

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