French dating agencies who is dating courtney hansen

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I am Chris, the owner of Marriage and Dating agency in Kharkov Ma Dame.

I am from France, live in Kharkov with my Ukrainian wife and I am directly involved with selecting our ladies, as well as, directly managing our marriage agency.

Quite simply, François Hollande's supertaxing Socialist government is scaring away precisely those high net worth individuals who have no qualms about paying her €10,000 minimum fee (rising to €50,000 annually in the case of very specific searches).

The supertax itself, supposedly levied on any annual salary above €1 million, has been stricken from a proposed bill by France's Constitutional Council.

Kharkov is home to some 1.5 million inhabitants and is known as one of the greatest cultural and academic centres in Ukraine.

I was also looking for a wife myself for a few years, before I was lucky to find my wife in Kharkov.

I have travel to Russia and Ukraine, looking for my Soul Mate.

Many of marriage agencies in Ukraine and Russia and women were not legitimate.

All of those experiences have inspired me to build my own marriage agency that will work.

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I want to get serious men and Ukrainian women together with our help and I would really like them to get married.