Bollywood sex mobs 2014

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Bollywood sex mobs 2014

Whatever it is, making people believe the unbelievable isn’t a simple trick. On a lovely summer evening I met the Creative Producer of Balaji Motion Pictures and Bollywood’s newest screenwriter to understand his obsession with horror. The designation ‘Creative Producer’ doesn’t really exist in Bollywood. A lot of studios in India don’t have a creative team as such. I’ll tell you a fact that I was blown away when I first saw Ramsay Brothers Veerana as a kid. This was a time when parents didn’t allow their kids to watch horror because there was too much adult content.

In fact, Balaji is one of the only places that have an in-house creative team. Esentially they are producers who are also creative people. I tell everybody that Dil Se is the reason I want to be a filmmaker and Veerana is the reason I want to write and make horror movies. To this date I can proudly say that I have seen every horror movie that exists, Hindi, English, foreign.

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I am the Creative Producer first and then a writer for them.

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