Who is tahiry dating in 2016

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Who is tahiry dating in 2016

A pretty girl with a nice body, Tahiry took advantage of it and put her face everywhere. By Stranga The Great Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer A couple of years ago, Tahiry Jose was all over the place.

“The introvert in me normally would love nothing more than to spend my birthday alone & in my thoughts, as I’m all too familiar with how stressful planning a birthday celebration can be. (Real n—as turning up later tho, ayyyeeeeee lol,” Budden wrote in the caption of the sultry photo of Santana. Not reality TV “real” but real as in she doesn’t mince her words or actions “real.” The dominicana model/singer lets her real life (including dirty laundry) be aired on VH1’s hit, . When you’re dating somebody in the public eye: from the attention, to the women, to the money—everything is way harder. It has to do with the way the man is raised—a man who knows the difference between a female’s wants and needs. I dated Latinos here and there, but Joe is African American. They don’t know much when it comes to some things like that. “I’m just a regular woman going through regular woman situations,” she says “whether it’s work, relationships, personal baggage. ” For those who don’t know, Tahiry was in a long relationship with New Jersey rapper, Joe Budden. I’ve dated a rapper or two, but to me, my situation is a little different. You just have to be ready and built for what you’re getting into. But that has a lot to do with your upbringing—how to cater to a female. When it comes to men in relationships, period, its two different worlds and two different stages coming together, so you’re not always going to be 100% satisfied. Of course I’m not proud of me putting my hands on anybody—it’s not the way to go. As a proud dominicana, what are some of your favorite Dominican things? I satisfy all my cravings, but I satisfy them all in moderation. I think it doesn’t have to do much with where they’re from or nationalities.

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By Ricki Says Hip-Hop Staff Writer During her brief run on “Love & Hip Hop,” Tahiry Jose became a fan favorite.

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