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Who is anna torv dating now

In a long-awaited confessional carried in the Australian Women's Weekly yesterday Anna Murdoch Mann, the former wife of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, washed some of the family's dirty linen in public, courtesy of a rival publisher.

In a candid interview carried by the Kerry Packer-owned flagship monthly, Mrs Mann, now remarried at 57, came clean about their divorce and her former husband's misrepresentation of his relationship with his third wife, Wendi Deng."He behaved badly," she said.

Mrs Mann, whose 31-year marriage to Murdoch ended when they separated in April 1998 and divorced two months later, said she was talking to an Australian magazine because of all the concerned enquiries from people there wishing her well.

"I thought this was a nice way of letting everyone know I'm OK.

I really feel like we've been given a great gift by Fox here to finish off our story on a strong, strong note."Anna is also grateful that the show has the ability to go out on its own terms, saying, "I just want everybody to do justice to the show.And we deal with them now really directly throughout the entire final season and there are a couple of really gee whiz moments that pull from the history of the show as we've already seen it.So there's a couple of those reveals, of the stuff that they've told me, that I think are just awesome. I think maybe now we need to do Charlie Conway- Con," he tells us. Is this the “enormous” Walter/Olivia adventure John teased last week? So that was so much fun to do, because we never get to do that stuff.And also in this new timeline, the relationship between Walter and Olivia is just a little closer, because Peter wasn’t around.

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