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Before you invest in new IT equipment this year, we encourage you to evaluate your spending history and implement best practices that will improve your bottom line. ( defines TCO as the total cost of using and maintaining an IT investment over time.

TCO calculations include a combination of direct costs (hardware, software, operations and administration) and indirect costs (end-user operations and downtime).

Given that many of these factors are down to human error, there is an opportunity for automated IT solutions to mitigate or remove such errors and data degradation.

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The value of data to organisations is clear, if often hard to quantify precisely.

Few companies, however, have the processes and tools in place to ensure they maintain quality in their data, and certainly not as a matter of routine.

However, understanding hidden technology costs can actually help you reduce unnecessary expenditures and reallocate resources to more important business functions.

Network Alliance has outlined current industry standards for determining TCO below.

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