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The new episodes see the teen make a trip to the doctors where she reveals how much she ‘definitely’ wants to undergo bottom surgery one day after she is told that the procedure is ‘feasible.’ However, a meeting with another doctor sees her get told that he ‘can’t do the surgery that you want,’ which leaves her looking disappointed.Jazz’s dad also suggested that she should consider the life-changing operation for after she finishes high school, to which she responded: ‘It is ultimately my decision.’ The inspirational teen first rose to prominence as a six-year-old when she appeared on TV with her family when they shed light on Jazz growing up with gender identity disorder.She’s since gone on to set up a foundation to help other trans children, co-written a children’s book, appeared in various commercials and had her own reality series, and inspired the first ever transgender doll.This is the first transgender doll on the market, and guess what?! 😱😍 @tonnerdoll did a great job of creating this beautiful item!BURKE: The creator and director of the series – whose own parent came out as trans-gender – says even she is surprised at just how much people say they relate to the main character.JILL SOLOWAY, CREATOR AND DIRECTOR, "TRANSPARENT": I think my fear was that certain people probably wouldn't turn it on, because they would say, this show doesn't relate to me.Just a few short years ago there were exactly zero shows on TV that I could watch to see transgender women like me, played by transgender women like me, on a weekly basis.Now, thanks in large part to Laverne Cox’s brilliant breakout Emmy-nominated role in , it seems like networks are scrambling to jump on the trans bandwagon.

Her father was a staff officer in the People’s Liberation Army, a highly privileged position in China, and her mother a translator.Now, she is once again under the spotlight for hosting a new dating show: one that features parents choosing potential daughters-in-law for their sons.The first episode of aired on Christmas Eve, and caused a storm of outrage on the internet that still continues.The CNN journalist turned to colleague Brian Stelter, host of , who ballyhooed how media critics love the series: "I've never seen it before, where so many critics have lined up in front of a show – that otherwise, would never be heard of – and have all said, watch this show; it's the best new show of the fall." He then zeroed in on how the lead actor, as well as the creator of the series, have apparently been overwhelmed by the roles with the production: SAMUEL BURKE: Actor Jeffrey Tambor says the enormity of playing a trans-gender character weighed heavily on him. There's a scene where I have to come out to Sara, my daughter, and my – my hands were shaking.I said, well, that's good for Moira, but Jeffrey was shaking, because – not because I wanted a good review; or not because I wanted – you know, to be believable in the scene; but I wanted to do it right.

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For some reason, trans-based reality shows seem to be much more popular than scripted shows about trans people. The film and television industry’s reluctance to cast trans actors, especially in starring roles, the very palpable fascination that the public has with real-life trans people (and especially trans women) and the lack of creativity most writers have historically shown for telling stories with trans characters have all probably affected the amount of fictional trans characters we see on TV.

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