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In Mexico, the largest percentage of persons living with AIDS are men who have sex with men (MSM).

They do this every morning in the town of Astara, which dates back 6,000 years and today sits on the border between the post-Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan and the Islamic Republic of Iran.Pedro arrived at Las Memorias with full-blown AIDS six days earlier but because of bureaucratic delays in the medical system he received no medification Photographer Malcolm Linton and writer Jon Cohen have captured haunting images and stories from Tijuana to show the distance that separates aspiration from reality, alongside the grip AIDS has taken on some residents.Oscar Villareal, 28, makes himself up as a women in a hotel room in downtown Tijuana before going out to look for clients.Transgender women and gay men have the highest HIV infection rates of any group in Tijuana.Fernanda knows how to protect herself from the AIDS virus but said that 'sometimes the customers are very bad and make you do it without condoms' Sergio Borrego, who helps run Tijuana AIDS hospice, puts a net over the face of Pedro Robles, 51, to prevent flies bothering him as he dies of AIDS.

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