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One discovery I wanted to share with you is that women respond more favorably to a man’s profile photos when he is...

People seem to understand the fun of Pinterest instinctively when it comes to creating a dream board for a project or a visual identity for a brand.

A forced or overly retouched photo taken by a professional is just as bad as an amateur blurry or poorly lit photo.

A booking with me is customized to present yourself in the best light.

My approach to online dating photos goes beyond just taking photos, it entails a holistic strategy including:-Offline strategy: tips for places to meet others (events, meetups, social groups, professional groups etc) as well as date ideas.-Tips for taking your match online to offline and getting from date #1 to date #2.

When you book with me, I build a custom photo shoot package that optimizes your hobbies, essence and style so that the photos come out looking natural, confident, happy, playful, authentic and candid - just like if your friends or family member took them.

Like any true "before and after" situation, we chatted about why we chose our original Tinder photos and had Max give us his (brutally honest) professional opinion. Because my friends pictured are attractive.” Max weighs in: This dude looks like a total player and not in a good way.A big part of my job is putting my clients at ease, with confidence that the project will come out great.My luxurious, upscale studio in San Francisco's Union Square is a dream job location where I create, work and entertain. When I realized I had a talent for photography, I knew it was more than a hobby.But it can also be a huge help when it’s time to choose the right photographer for you. There are countless online dating profiles where the primary photo is appealing, but when you click to see more photos of the person, the only shots they have are a really close crop of their face (perhaps cutting an ex out of the photo), or out of focus headshots of...I get it – some people are just more photogenic than others.

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(#True.) And there are people out there who want to make that reality...easier.

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  1. Over 300 million results bombard the computer screen. Open yourself to the possibility that you can fall in love with someone who doesn't perfectly meet the criteria that you believe is your ideal or particular "type." 2. DO approach others with curiosity, kindness, and compassion. Watch yourself for behaviors that could be constured as needy, desperate, unstable, or otherwise undesirable. Telling a potential mate how much you really, really like them adds a lot of unnecessary pressure! Likewise, ladies shouldn't try to be just one of the guys. ” Do find a balance with considering the opinions of others, while staying in touch with your own intuition regarding who is a compatible match for you.

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