Dating the book of revelation gentry

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Dating the book of revelation gentry

Aspects of the text of the book of Revelation have been understood by some as being indicative of an earlier date. The angel Gabriel told Daniel that the “seventy weeks” were to end with the destruction of Jerusalem (Dan. -27); and that period would also serve to “seal up the vision and prophecy” (Dan. [emphasis added] We concur with Chilton’s basic premise: prophecy and vision will be sealed up at the conclusion of the 70 weeks of Daniel. This is the interpretive equivalent of “two wrongs don’t make a right.” Here is revealed another Achilles heel of reliance upon internal evidence: it is too easily subject to cross-correlation which seems supportive, but is not necessarily related.Chilton holds that since Scripture teaches that all prophecy would be complete by the end of the 70th week of Daniel (Dan. -27) and since the book of Revelation contains prophetic material, therefore the book must have been written prior to the end of Daniel’s 70th week: We have a priori teaching from Scripture itself that all special revelation ended by A. But Chilton assumes the 70th week is completed with the destruction of Jerusalem in A. Chilton misinterprets the meaning of a passage in Daniel to “prove” his interpretation of John’s passage, but both interpretations are in error. it seems highly improbable that a book so full of liturgical allusions as the book of Revelation—and these, many of them, not too great or important points, but to minutia—could have been written by any other than a priest, and one who had at one time been in actual service in the Temple itself, and thus become so intimately conversant with its details, that they came to him naturally, as part of the imagery he employed. 48:1, Ezekiel, like John, receives a vision of a Temple that, if taken literally, has never existed up to this day.These [allusions] naturally suggest the twofold inference that the book of Revelation and the Fourth Gospel must have been written before the Temple services had actually ceased, and by one who had not merely been intimately acquainted with, but probably at one time an actor in them. Clearly, the Temple was in operation during the times recorded by John’s Gospel (John John -19). Ezekiel received news of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in Ezekiel Eze. Even if Herod’s Temple were to have been standing at the time John wrote, the Temple he mentions in Revelation Rev. After all, Zechariah, writing during the Second Temple era, described a Temple future to his day.

This is the fifth installment of my response to Tommy Ice’s article “Answers and Clarifications for Gary De Mar.” You can reference the other four posts here, here, here, and here. 95, the question for De Mar is “What does the hour of testing refer to? There are many scholars who believe that Revelation was written before A. In other words, special revelation would stop—be “sealed up”—by the time Jerusalem was destroyed.Edersheim held that the many allusions in John’s Gospel and the book of Revelation to aspects of priestly service in the Temple inferred that John had close association with the priestly line (John John -16) and that the Temple was still in service at the time both books were written. While we might concur with Edersheim’s observations concerning John’s knowledge of priestly duties and the allusions found in his works, all that seems to be necessary is for John to have had such knowledge at some point during his life. Moreover, Ezekiel, like John, is told to measure the Temple he sees in his vision. The most accepted but not the most compelling date is around the time of Domitian (A. 95-96), at the end of the first century when John would have been nearly 100 years old.The evidence for this conclusion is found within the pages of Scripture. He weighs all the arguments."A Thorough study of the primary sources and secondary literature (of all complexions), and demolition of some bad but often repeated arguments for a Domitian date. Gentry has done an impressive job of collecting evidence to support his views.

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He holds that each of these theological distinctives are logical and theological extensions of his foundational theology, which is Calvinistic and Reformed. He is married (since July 1971) and has three grown children. After graduating he enrolled at Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana. (1987, magna cum laude) from Whitefield Theological Seminary, both in the field of New Testament.

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