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Dating sligo william

What remains are the buildings, altars and the magnificant art, the finest collection of Early Irish Christian engraved slabs outside Clonmacnoise.

The Clocha Breaca, the Speckled or Cursing Stones, a collection of round sea stones, a number of which are engraved with circles and crosses.

Starting points: Limerick Galway Sligo Carrick-on-Shannon Photo Gallery Index The northern part of this beautiful area consists of gentle coastal scenery combined with the mountains and hills of co. The single most distinctive feature is the flat-topped Benbulben, north of Sligo town.

This curious-looking mountain seems to be visible all over the region. Yeats it became an object of great devotion, being situated in the centre of what is generally referred to as the Yeats County.

For anyone interested in Irish history and heritage, North Sligo has much to offer.

Here one can literally trace the dramatic tendrils of our nation, from prehistoric mythology to modern times, in a setting both pristine and majestic.

The Annals tell us that the monks inhabited the island from the sixth to the twelth century, when they moved to the mainland at Screen in west Sligo.

Inland from the Ox Mountains, the farmed lowland is broken by scenic lakes and limestone hills. Rosses Point and Strandhill are noted tourist resorts. The town has ruins of a castle and friary dating from the 13th century. After the Anglo-Norman invasion in the 12th century, it was dominated by the power of the de Burgos.

The lowland is divided into small farms that depend on cattle, sheep, and poultry. Most of the county’s other towns are small market centres. In 1333 the O’Connor Sligo became lord of the town and county under O’Donnell patronage and suzerainty, and the O’Dowds were established in the west.

This is a proposed 4-day tour itinary covering the West Coast of Ireland and the River Shannon.

The tour is optimised with four starting points which will enable you to begin your tour from you own location.

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up on to the Green Road and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of Lough Gill with its many beautiful islands.