Cm punk dating aj lee

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Cm punk dating aj lee

He has not disclosed his end of the story as to why he chose to walk away from it all last January.

On the other hand, Lee is on a roll as she is currently in the middle of a feud with Paige for the Divas title.

Además, posee un reinado como Campeón Intercontinental, uno como Campeón Mundial en Parejas, lo que le convierte en Campeón de Triple Corona, además ganó dos Money in the Bank seguidos en Wrestle Mania XXIV y Wrestle Mania 25.

Brooks es reconocido por seguir durante toda su carrera un estilo de vida straight edge, que consiste en la abstención de bebidas alcohólicas, cigarrillos y otras drogas recreativas, ideología que adhiere tanto en su gimmick como en su vida personal.

She is known for her tight jean shorts and seems to enjoy posing in ways which accentuate her ass. AJ Lee’s Best Bikini Moments ▸ Although AJ Lee did not consider herself a typical WWE Diva, she was not above flaunting her toned body like one. AJ Lee Has A Wardrobe Malfunction ▸ In one of the most provocative moments of her WWE career, AJ Lee caused a stir with wrestling fans by teasing a wardrobe malfunction on the January 11, 2013 edition of . During a radio interview in 2012, the “Geek Goddess” was asked whether she would ever pose for the magazine. Lee sexed up the sequence even more by sticking her tongue out and licking herself like a cat.

They had a whirlwind romance, which resulted in an engagement last April.

The two have been spending a lot of time prior to their marriage as Punk has essentially retired from WWE and shows no desire to return any time soon.

He talks with @Mr Brian Kenny about his team and tonight's @Challenge MTV episode on @MTV!

Ha sido considerado por la WWE como el «Campeón de la WWE con el más largo reinado de la era moderna», habiendo ostentado el título por 434 días desde el 20 de noviembre de 2011 al 27 de enero de 2013.

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Lee was previously involved in relationships with Jay Lethal, who trained her for a professional wrestling career, and former WWE Superstar Trent Barreta.

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